None of this is to say that Edna, Mo, Sib, and the other Iguanodon Cheese characters are gone for good, but I’ve been feeling the pull to go back to more observational/autobiographical comics for a while. You might have noticed that I’ve been working more and more of these comics into Iguanodon Cheese, and while I’ve enjoyed working on this comic, working with characters, and trying something new, it’s hard to deny where my creative impulses are pushing me.

So, starting Friday, Iguanodon Cheese is going into hibernation. But new comics will start running at Rescue Archaeology again.

And, if you’re visiting Iguanodon Cheese for the first time, don’t let any of this turn you away. I’m proud of the comics here. Some of them are among the favorite things I’ve ever drawn. There are over 120 strips in the archive, so that should keep you entertained for a while.